The 6 week postpartum check up.  Typically a visit most moms look forward to… and when they are released to “normal” activity.  But with little guidance as to what that actually means, it leaves many wondering what is actually ok to do, especially you active mamas.  

My advice?  Take an additional 6 weeks to focus on healing, and reconnecting with your core and pelvic floor.  Seek out a Physical Therapist who specializes in women’s health and postnatal care who can help guide you along the way.  As much as you are dying to jump back into fitness, your body is still recovering and it’s important to respect that. The first six weeks postpartum is a great time to start working on breathing patterns, engaging pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles. One thing you can start doing is diaphragmatic breathing, and coordinating that with some kegels.

When cleared at 6 weeks, focus on reestablishing good movement patterns, posterior chain work, and coordinating your breath with movement. Sometimes the mental game of holding back is harder than any WOD I could program, but know this is what you need right now.

Schedule your postpartum appointment today for full guidance on return to activity, and check up for diastasis and pelvic floor healing!

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