This past week we all had our lives turned upside down. Some lost jobs, others lost school and sports, businesses closed. First responders, nurses and essential workers have been putting in crazy hours and haven’t seen their families in days.  This pandemic has affected us all.

No matter how your life was impacted…we are all feeling a profound sense of loss and uncertainty.

It’s easy in times like this to want to abandon your routine, habits, crawl into a hole and feel sorry for yourself. And it’s ok to feel that way, I know I did.  This past week was a rollercoaster.  Trying to manage my feelings of closing my doors to not one, but two businesses I had poured my heart and soul into, dealing with kids who lost all structure, routine and sports, and trying to navigate an uncertain week that was changing with each passing day was overwhelming. I had a couple big ugly cries, and then made the decision that crawling into a hole was NOT the best way to get through this. 

The truth of the matter is, this is our new normal for the next couple weeks.  So now is the time to dust ourselves off and focus on the positive and the things we can control. It’s time to figure out how you and your family…immediate, extended, and “like family” are going to come out the other end of this, sane, healthy and strengthened both physically and emotionally.

The things we choose to focus on now will determine both your physical and mental health in the future.  I want to see us all stay both physically healthy and strong as well as mentally healthy and strong. Here are some ways you can do this in your life.

✅Stick to your fitness routine as best as you can.  If you normally wake up at 6am to workout, continue to do that.  If your workout days are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm, continue to make that a habit. There are so many resources for at home workouts that require minimal to no equipment, plenty of on demand workouts, as well as “live” fitness classes you can join.  We are offering daily of all the above.  Please click here to gain access!

✅Get outdoors for walks, and hikes!  A little vitamin D and fresh air will do wonders for your mood.

✅Take care of your mental health.  Clinical Psychologists across the country have gone “virtual”. Reach out to a mental health professional if you are feeling overwhelmed. Thanks to secure, private and hippa compliant programs you can be treated from the comfort of your own home.  Need help finding one? Email us for a list of providers who can help you.

✅Download a meditation app like Headspace, or Calm.  5 minutes a day using one of these apps can make a huge difference in your stress and well being.

✅Social distancing for anyone who craves physical and social interaction is hard.  Lean on your immediate family for extra hugs, and use technology to reach out and talk virtually with friends.  FaceTime loved ones, and use Zoom to host virtual happy hours with friends and family.

✅Focus each day on something positive.  Take 5 minutes alone or together with your family each day to talk or write about something you are grateful for, or a positive thing that happened that day.

✅The grocery stores are working overtime to keep shelves stocked with HEALTHY fruits, veggies, and meats.  Stock up on those and enjoy eating good food with your family on a regular basis now.  Nutrition can be your best line of defense against sickness and inflammation. Click here for some of the best anti inflammatory foods.

✅Practice forgiveness with yourself and your family.  Things aren’t perfect, and things will fall apart on a daily basis.  It’s OK.  

In a world where most of us are constantly running around, short on time for ourselves, and life feels non stop…this pandemic has put all of that to a grinding halt.  Take this forced PAUSE to take care of your self, your family, and the things you always say “I don’t have time for that”.  Now you do. Take time to cook those healthy meals, go for a walk, practice yoga, start an exercise routine, etc.  

For my healthcare friends on the front lines, and those working in pharmacies, grocery stores, and first responders, we are so appreciative of everything you do.  Lean on others for mental support, nutritious foods, and stress relief. We want to help, let us.

I’ll be taking this week to check in on all my current patients, but for any old or prospective ones, please do not hesitate to reach out.  I am here to support you in ALL things health and fitness.  

In Health,

Melissa Reed, PT, MSPT, CDNT, CF-L3

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