Summary of Fitness & Physical Therapy Services Offered & Costs:

Physical Therapy Session: $150 (1 hour)
Dry Needling Session(existing patients only): $90 (30min)
Skilled Personal Training: $150 (1 hour) *Also available remotely
Personal Training Package: $1350 for 10 sessions (1 hour each)

CrossFit Anna Maria members eligible for 25% discount.
Payments due day of service.
We accept HSA/FSA cards, check, charge, or cash

**In light of COVID pandemic, all services are available BOTH in person and virtually with telehealth visits.

Physical Therapy

Many of our physical therapy patients find themselves at Reed Fitness & Physical Therapy after they’ve exhausted – or becoming frustrated with – their options at a traditional in-service clinic. Our one-to-one approach to treatment helps you achieve your goals and speeds up your recovery safely under trained supervision.

Diagnosed with tendonitis, chronic knee or shoulder pain or had replacement surgery? Have you been told that you’ll have to give up a particular activity or sport? We make real rehabilitation possible through personalized attention and a customized treatment plan to help you heal.

Our services and expertise include:

Dry Needling
Kinesio Taping
Joint Mobilizations
Soft Tissue Massage

Injury Prevention & Wellness

Physical therapy is not just for the injured anymore, and personal training isn’t just for elite athletes. Keep your body healthy and performing at its best with a yearly “check up” to determine any underlying movement dysfunctions or muscular imbalances that may potentially lead to an injury, or result in performance plateaus.   Let us help you create a comprehensive nutrition, stress management, and fitness program to live your best life!

Make physical therapy a cornerstone of your health and fitness, and you’re well on your way to living a life that’s active and free from pain.

Skilled Personal Training & Specialty Fitness Classes

Are you looking for personal training but have health issues or circumstances that make you uncomfortable going to see a personal trainer without a college education or medical training background? Our skilled personal training program is a unique combination of Melissa’s expertise in physical therapy as well as her knowledge of proper functional movements for strength and conditioning.

Melissa has extensive training with specialty populations; including youth athletes, older athletes, runners, and pregnant and post partum moms.

Skilled personal training can be done individually or in a small groups. This is the perfect option for those recovering from injury who have graduated from physical therapy but are not ready to resume high impact activities. This program is also great for anyone wanting to start a fitness program in order to regain their mobility, strength and active lifestyle, or for seasoned athletes looking to get that competitive edge. You can be assured you are getting the best individualized and safe exercise program that you will NOT find in any other gym or PT clinic in the area.