What do clients at Reed Fitness & Physical Therapy have to say?

Sydney M.

I started seeing Melissa when I was 8 years old and I am now 21. Over the course of 13 years she has helped me overcome a variety of injuries so that I can return to sports and my desired level of activity. Melissa is knowledgeable and creative, and an overall exceptional physical therapist, but she is also one of the kindest and most caring people I know. She truly cares about every single person who walks into her office. If you go see Melissa she will help you feel better and also help you achieve your personal wellness/fitness goals!

Robin A.

I have been treated, by Melissa, for an 8-month history of anterior shoulder pain. As a result of a few weeks of therapy, I have had pain-free days and improved mobility. Melissa is a skilled therapist with an incredible anatomical knowledge, using a wide range of modalities, including manual therapy (joint mobility, massage, stretching and home exercise) as well as e-stim and dry needling. She is completely focused on your care and return to normal function.

Rachel C.

Melissa is easy to reach, has a very flexible schedule, and is a joy to talk to while she’s doing her work! Will never use another physical therapist!

Rita W.

A physical therapy session with Melissa is more valuable than multiple sessions at a large facility. My doctor told me I needed 8-12 sessions of PT and I only needed 4 with Melissa. Each session is one on one.

Jane A.

I used Reed Fitness after a hip replacement. Melissa got me back to doing things I never thought I would be able to do again. Professional, friendly, and accessible -- Melissa is a great advocate for your health!

Brian B.

I have a number of injuries from my time in the military. Melissa was able to ease the pain of those injuries and help me maintain the active lifestyle I enjoy.

Christian K.

I had gone to the doctor to discover I have tendonitis in both knees. The doctor said to stop all high impact sports/activities and to start taking meds. I didn’t like the solution so I consulted with Melissa. Her goal was to solve the issue by understanding the root of the problem rather than putting a bandaid on the issue with meds. After seeing her on a somewhat consistent basis for a couple of months, we understand why I’m having these issues and I’m also seeing tremendous progress in getting these knees back to 100%. I recommend Melissa to anyone…

Michael G.

Was highly skeptical. But dry needling has helped my shoulder feel better. Melissa has also been very helpful when my back gives up and quits on me.

Ralph W.

Melissa really knows her profession and she genuinely cares about each and every client.

John K.

Melissa helped me recover from a meniscal tear in my knee and get back into CrossFit. I had tried almost every other form of therapy and thought it was hopeless. From day one she was enthusiastic and upbeat. She helped me regain my confidence and get back to my normal exercise routine. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable about the functional anatomy especially as it relates to exercise. Her patient approach to therapy and positive attitude make her a top notch physical therapist. I highly recommend Melissa Reed for physical therapy and injury rehabilitation.

Will F.

I’ve been to a lot of Physical Therapy due to my love of snowboarding, heavy weights and going big. My shoulder was jacked after my latest snowboarding crash, and I couldn’t even do a pushup. Melissa spends so much time with you, actually doing what matters, manual work, needling (which I now love), and test/retesting than anywhere I’ve ever been. Now 4 weeks later I’m cranking out pushups! Looking forward to keeping this recovery pace so I can smash some PRs.

Michael S.

After suffering multiple injuries from my time with the sport of soccer, Melissa through her knowledge has been able to help me get active again.