Sports Specific Training for the Hockey Player!

Want a Harder Shot?

How does Shea Weber win the hardest shot with a slap shot of 106.5mph?! How do you shoot a puck that hard? One important piece is using core-to-extremity movement. This is simply using your body efficiently to put power behind the puck. You can see Weber transfers his weight from his back leg to his front leg and at the same time rotates his body to maximize the power of his shot.

This is something you can strengthen and train as one way to improve your shot. It starts with core stability, progressively adding rotation and training coordination. We are going to cover all of these steps in the next few posts this week so that you can develop a harder shot!

Want a harder shot? -Part 1

First we want to develop a solid foundation of core stability. Two great exercises for this are the front and side plank. These are performed as holds.

  1. Front Plank: Hold this position for 30s-1min. Focus on maintaining a tight rigid body position and actively press thru your hands and shoulders the entire time!Accumulate 3mins and feel the burn🔥

By the way, shaking can be a normal side effect of weak muscles getting stronger😁

  1. SidePlank: Hold this position for 15s-30s on each side. Accumulate 1min and 30s each side👍

When you feel comfortable with holding these positions you can add in some movement. Start with these 3 exercises to introduce movement while maintaining stability at the core.

  1. Bird Dog: Keep your back in a straight position and focus on bracing that core as if you were receiving a punch! Push your leg straight back as your arm goes straight forward. Keep you back still as your leg and arm move.
  2. Front Plank Rotation: Find stability and control as you move through maximum range of rotation
  3. Side Plank Rotation

Next post will look at training explosive and powerful rotation to develop a harder shot!

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