Post Partum Return to Fitness Guidebook

By Melissa Reed, PT, MSPT, CDNT CF-L3

This ebook was written to help guide new moms back into fitness safely after having a baby! Too often women wait until their 6 week post partum appointment with their Dr. only to be told they are “all set to get back to exercise”. No restrictions, no guidance, no help. Melissa Reed, MSPT is a Women’s Health Physical Therapist with over 16 years of experience treating female athletes, as well as a mom to 3 herself. This book will help you step by step return to fitness safely post partum.

In this book new moms will find guidance for: -Exercises for the first 6 weeks -Return to group fitness classes -Symptoms to monitor -A library of accessory exercises to strengthen core and pelvic floor -Returning to running and jumping -Return to weightlifting, including a basic strength template -Exercise modifications for the first 12 weeks -Mindset -Nutrition And more!


PDF file format. The book will be sent to you by email. Please use the email address that should receive the book when you make your purchase.