Its time for our annual Fall Nutrition Challenge!  A summer of BBQ’s, Shandy, and s’mores doesnt do much for the waistline….so lets reign things back in with a fun little challenge!  

We like to shake things up every year, so this fall we are trying something a little different!  Instead of telling you what you CANT eat or drink, or eliminating whole food groups….we are going to focus on building good habits, eating nutrient dense foods, educating you, all while being held accountable by an amazing community of support.  This Challenge we’ll let you eat whatever you’d like, but of course with a couple contingencies!  

We are so excited for a challenge that ANYONE can get involved in, so get the whole family on board here!  We’ll provide all the information, guidance, and support you need to clean up your nutrition and stay consistent with your workouts.  We’ll offer a number of different levels and options for participation, so there is no excuse for you and the whole family not to participate!

No food or drinks are off limits, but here is the catch!  You must eat 5 SERVINGS of fruits and vegetables BEFORE any refined/processed grains or sugar are consumed.  So for example……… if you want to eat cake for your child’s birthday, thats ok as long as you got in your 5 fruits and veggies before.

For our purposes, a “serving” will be 1 cup of veggies, and a normal sized piece of fruit.  So smaller fruits like a clementine for example, you need 2.  A serving of berries/grapes is 1cup.  Please note!  Any fruit covered in sugar and a part of a delicious dessert does NOT COUNT as a serving. So, sorry… pie doesn’t count as a serving of fruit!  

AT LEAST 2 OF YOUR 5 SERVINGS MUST BE VEGETABLES…and no the slice of tomato and leaf of lettuce on your sandwich doesn’t cut it.  A serving must be a FULL serving, typically at least 1 cup of veggies.  White potatoes will not count here, but we will allow squash and sweet potatoes to count.

Earn 1 point for everyday you hit the 5 servings.  The goal/thought is that after getting in those fruits and veggies, along with your protein source, you wont be all that hungry for eating much crap.  You will also feel a lot better eating real whole foods, and that alone will hopefully help you refrain from indulging too much! 

We will also require that you workout!  Four active days per week is the goal! So for every week you get in 4 Active days, you earn 4 points.  Three workouts will earn you 2 points, and anything less than that no points.  Active days can include getting to the gym, going for a hike, anything where you get your heart rate elevated for 20 or more minutes!  We will post one home workout at the beginning of every week!

Every week will include bonus points that will give you an opportunity to further clean up your nutrition, experiment with new foods, track quantities, learn to food prep, etc! 

It’s that simple! Eat your fruits and veggies, and exercise!  The challenge will run 5 weeks from Sept 16th to Oct 20th. Click here to register and get more information!  Play along at home or sign up for access to our Boot Camp or Get Moving beginner classes! 

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